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A perfect tool for anyone seeking a reliable method of recovering damaged Illustrator files
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2 September 2014

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Adobe Systems is an immensely renowned software company that has introduced a host of creative and multimedia software applications. The Adobe Illustrator is one such graphic editor that has been developed by Adobe Systems consisting of a wide range of artistic tools and features to enable the user explore his creative potential to the optimum. However, many a time situations can happen when due to computer malfunction or human malevolence the creation can be lost or damaged, which can be an irreparable loss for its creator as every piece or art is unique in its own way. In these accidental circumstances, applications like Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator 1.0.1 can be of immense assistance in recovering the lost art files.

Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator upon launch opens up with a neatly organized interface with the main options located at the top pane and the bottom right window screen contains the recover option to restore the files. The software works efficiently to recover damaged Adobe Illustrator files in a jiffy and is extremely user friendly too. The process of recovery is very simple; the user just needs to select the corrupted file using the standard open file option and click the recover tab below. The software will instantly start its recovery process and analyzing the file contents with respect to the file size. In Case the attempt is successful, the user will be prompted for name and location of the restored file and post the file is saved, the user can view the list of operations performed by the application. The software is a boon for computer artists working on the Adobe Illustrator and makes their work safe and secure.

To conclude, we can state without a qualm that Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator 1.0.1 contains sophisticated functionalities to restore graphic files and hence deserves a rating score of 4.5 points for its stellar performance.

Publisher's description

Being one of the most popular vector graphics editors in the world, Adobe Illustrator is used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide - from first-year visual arts students to professional designers and artists of all kinds. Having gone a long way to its current fourteenth version, Adobe Illustrator now offers an impressive array of customizable tools that cover every conceivable aspect of working with complex vector compositions and enable users to fully utilize their artistic potential. And since art is fuelled by inspiration, every creation of a digital artist is unique, which makes its loss a real disaster. And this is not a hypothetic situation - accidents happen every so often and there is little you can do to completely insure your work against all odds. However, you can always rely on recovery tools that can help you get your work back when everything seems to be lost.
Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator is a simple tool made for a single purpose - help you restore damaged Adobe Illustrator files. It takes seconds to download the software and minutes to get familiar with it. The wizard-driven interface of Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator makes it extremely easy for users of all skill levels to restore corrupted graphic files - the result of countless hours and days of tedious work. Just start the program, select the corrupted file using the standard open file dialog and click the Recover button. The software will immediately start analyzing the content of the file, which can take several minutes depending on its size. If the recovery attempt is successful, the program will prompt you for the name and location of the restored *.ai file. Once the file is saved, you will see the log text listing all the operations the program has performed.
Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator
Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator
Version 2.1.7
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